Now is the Time by MasRud!!!  A new CD Unbound to Rock your spirits.

RainingColors-Studio is now focusing on a Taoistic Approach to Jesus Christ.

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Saturday July 12 , 2014
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Our Testimonials

"Thank you Raining Colors!  The quality videos and pictures will definately help build our fan base, all at a reasonable price.

Thanks for working with us. "

--The Jah Wheel Band

"Andy Schmidt and Raining Colors Studio have a way of producing multimedia art in the spirit of their clients' artistic vision. They have a way of promoting an artist's work while enhancing the entire spectrum of their output. All of this on time and at rates that seem to suggest a true respect for the creative process.  I have genuine respect for the mind and work of Andy and the RC Studios."

-- Thomas M. Nelson, Prometheus Unbound Emsemble


"Andy has been a good friend and avid supporter of my musical endeavors for some time now. I have always found his ability to work in extreme weather and lighting conditions while shooting on location to be quite remarkable. With enthusiasm like that the sky is the limit, and I'm sure his best work is yet to come."

- - Darrell Lea, Lawrence, Kansas